The Process

  1. Film Selection:
    You select the desired pattern from our collection of patterns.

  2. Preparation:
    This is a crucial step in ensuring good adhesion. We prepare the piece to be primed.

  3. Application of Primer:
    A primer designed for the particular object we are processing is applied.

  4. Application of Base Coat:
    Base coat that compliments the pattern you selected is applied. Different base colors can be applied in most cases to change the final appearance of the object being processed.

  5. Preparing film:
    We cut film to size for your item and place it in emersion tank.

  6. Activate film:
    We spray a chemical activator on the film that dissolves the film leaving the liquified pattern on the water surface.

  7. Transfer of pattern:
    We submerge the object through the liquified film. The pattern adheres to the prepared object.

  8. Rinse:
    We clean any leftover film residue and dry the object. 

  9. Top coat:
    We top coat the object with a high grade top coat. Top coats can be full gloss or a matte finish depending on application or preference.

Other Terms used to describe the Hydrographics process are: Water Transfer Printing, Hydro Dipping, Hydro graphics, Camo Dipping, Cubic printing, Hydro Imaging, Hydrographic Dipping, Hydro Printing.